What Can You Not Live Without?

Lately I’ve come across a number of blogs that list software, websites, tutorials, and the like that the writer just can’t live without.  The top 5, the top 20, the top 100 of everything.  It really got me thinking about the things I use the most (in fact, several times every day).

Discovery Educator Network: What list for the DEN would be complete (or even acceptable) without including the flagship of our collaborative efforts?  I check blogs, look for resources, and generally catch up on nearly everything from here.  The new website even has me already logged into all my subscription services.  I’ve lumped unitedstreaming under this banner as well.  And let’s not forget the free stuff  that gets launched to the STARs!

SegaTech: After reading about what our DEN members are doing, I turn immediately to the SegaTech blog.  For those unfamiliar, the name stands for SouthEast Georgia Technology.  Jeff Giddens and his partners really put out a quality blog with TONS of links to sites that might otherwise be missed.  It is generally updated every weekday.

Bloglines and Del.icio.us: I love these two sites that help me keep track of everything going on around me.  Both save me tons of time and energy!

Twitter: While I don’t post much yet, I am quickly becoming addicted to Twitter.  I have a few people so far that I keep track of.  I am growing the list, so feel free to twit me!

PowerPoint: Yes, I still use this tool everyday.  I create simple things for use in class, jpg files to use in PhotoStory or Adobe, uploadable files for SlideShare and Zentation, and other things.

Photo Story, Adobe PhotoShop and Premiere Elements: I received these two programs at the first National DEN Institute.  I am using them now pretty much daily.  I am creating video lessons to be used throughout our labs.  I use all three of these great programs in tandem to do simple 5 to 10 minute mini-lessons.

GMail:  What else can I say?  I’m about to totally ditch Outlook and stick with GMail.  It does nearly everything!

I could go on, but I’ll stop now and give you an opportunity to respond.

So…what can you not live without?


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  1. Susan said:

    Glad to see you are posting again. I cannot live without GMail or anything Google. I do like Bloglines and Del.icio.us, but what do you recommend for subscriptions on Del.icio.us? I haven’t taken time to find what might speak to me, so if you’d be willing to part with some favorites, I would be grateful. And of course, last but not least, the DEN; however, I am having difficulty finding individual blog posts and miss the recent posts list that we used to have. Thanks for the input.

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