WWW – Wonderful World of Webinars

Isn’t it often frustrating that your dialy schedule prevents your attending some of the awesome DEN webinars?  If so, I feel fairly confident that on Tuesday, October 23rd, you will find a wonderful webinar that fits into your schedule.  Mark your calendars because DEN is hosting the 2nd Annual DEN Stream-a-Thon! 

From the DEN National Blog . . .

It’s back! The wildly popular, full-day marathon of back-to-back, non-stop, pedagogically sound, content rich webinars return in our Second Annual DEN Stream-a-thon!

Join us on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 for a whole day’s worth of great presentations. We’ll kick things off at 9 AM and go until 9 PM (EST). Twelve hours of webinars, just for you! Drop by for one session or camp out for the entire day.

Click here to register for the Stream-a-thon. You only have to register once and you can use that information to jump in and out of the webinars all day long.

Check out the schedule:

9 AM
Tour of DE streaming
10 AM
The Builders
11 AM
The New DEN website
12 PM
Tour of DE streaming
1 PM
DE streaming and Google Earth (a great session for teachers and students)
2 PM
The Builders
3 PM
The New DEN website
4 PM
Tips for Leading a DE streaming Workshop
5 PM
Movie-making with DE streaming
6 PM
The New DEN website
7 PM
Stealing from the STARs: 10 Ways to Use DE streaming
8 PM
DEN Hall Meeting


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