Happy Birthday JessieMarie!

JM, Rip, and I were hanging at the DEN in SL HQs earlier today checking out all our purchases for the upcoming Costume Party.

Rip & JM Hanging Out

As we’re playing around and ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ we discussed the fact that not all schools have the day off today.  That’s when JM announced that it was wonderful to give everyone the day off for her birthday.  No sooner had she mentioned it and we congratulated her on the event (after determining that it was her RL, not SL, bday), Rip whips out of his inventory a bday cake! (Now, who do you know that would have one of these in their inventories! LOL)
Happy Bday JM

And as soon as he makes the cake appear, JM proceeds to make a wish (an SL wish of course). You can see her here typing in her wish!

JM Making an SL Bday Wish

So if you see JM in-world today, or happen to catch her on Twitter be sure to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

You’re looking good gurl!  And I hope that all your wishes (SL and RL) come true!


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  1. Lance Rougeux said:


    How about coming to Hershey, PA on Feb 10 to do a DEN Second Life presentation at the PA Ed Tech Conference? We’re bringing David Pogue in as the keynote and will have our third annual DEN pre-conference event that Sunday (2-10-08). 200+ DEN members.

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