October the 13th

When I’d give a test on the 13th of any month, I would usually tell my students that Friday the 13th falls on a Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday, etc.) Not that the kids needed any more angst, I thought it lightened the mood a little. Anyhow, you’re in luck! The 13th falls on Saturday this month and it is full of digital storytelling things to do.

  • First of all, the Florida DEN is hosting a Lights! Camera! Education! workshop in Poinciana. Central Florida folks, you can contact Tom Turner (thomas.turner@polk-fl.net) to see if there are any seats left. (Arizona, by the way, is also hosting a similar event two weeks after this one. Those interested in spending a fall day makin’ movies in Sedona can check this AZ DEN post for more information.)
  • Next, just in case you don’t want to travel on Saturday, our Second Life DEN is kicking off an Education Fair on EduIsalnd II with a session on digital storytelling. The fair, including an open house and several other presentations, begins at 1:00 SLT (Second Life Time, which I believe is also Pacific) and goes to 3:30. Details can be found in the post linked above.
  • And finally, Apple’s Insomnia Film Festival begins this Saturday morning and runs for 24 hours. Prior registration is required. Whether you plan on participating or not, there is a fine list of storytelling and editing resources at the site. Even though this is just for high school and college students who use Macs, you might consider giving teams of students a similar challenge video with a limited amount of time and story parameters. Probably would only work for those of you on block scheduling or who want to spend a Saturday or day off with the film club though.

Happy Saturday the 13th!


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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Dear Joe,
    It was good to meet you today in Florida for the DEN and AFI “Makin’ Movies” training event. You sure have a way with your family photos and exciting ways to motivate students into the world of cinema and technology. Thanks again for providing a lively and interactive stage for all of us to share. Nate Guteras, Lake Shipp Elmentary, Winter Haven, FL USA

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