Show off your STAR status!

Discovery Educator NetworkAre you a STAR Discovery Educator? Are you proud of having achieved and maintained STAR status? If so, then hold your head up proudly and show off with the latest in DEN bling, STAR badges!

STAR Discovery Educator badges come in two sizes, sidebar and chicklet. They’re the perfect thing to put on your personal or professional blog, podcast or wiki. They’re the the latest rage throughout the world of education, and all the cool kids are displaying them. They tell the world, “I’m a life long learner, I believe in integrating digital media in the classroom, and I’m a leader in the educational community!” Say it loud, say it proud, say it with a STAR badge!

Follow this link to get the code you need to copy and paste the badge on your own web page.


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  1. Diane Zoellmer said:


    I have pasted the code for the badge into my “About the Author” page using WordPress Multiuser but is there a widget I can paste it into so that it shows up in a sidebar?



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