Website Webinar Was Wonderful

I just got through with an hour long webinar hosted by Steve Dembo and attended by nearly 30 STAR educators from around the world (yes, the world).  In it, Steve laid out several of improvements made in our new website.  As time goes on, we’ll highlight some for our TN STAR Teachers.  Right now, here is a taste…

Forums: The layout of the forums are much easier to read and post.  In addition, they now include an RSS feed.  As a result, there is no need to keep checking back hourly to see if someone responded to your post.  With RSS you can receive email notifications!

Blogs: Yes, all STAR members still have their own personal blogs.  Now, however, they are hosted directly through the Discovery site and are extremely maleable to your tastes.  In the past, it was more of a “post” than a “blog.”  Now, the blog can be uniquely yours.  When you log in, there should be a link to take you to your dashboard.  Customize whatever you want from there.  The links to recent posts and writers will be back up soon.

Calendar: On the old website the calendar didn’t get much use.  Now, like everything else, it appears to be more user friendly.  Again, RSS feeds can keep you updated on events.  In addition, if you are hosting an event, you can set up your account to automatically respond with an email when someone signs up.  It will also automatically send a reminder to all attendees prior to the event!

OK, that’s enough for now.  Check out the new site!


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