An Evening with the STARs: Tips, Tricks, and Cool Tools

Special thank you to all who called in to join us for an Evening with the STAR’s yesterday. This had to have been one of my favorite webinars so far.

For one hour, STAR DEN members who attended one of our National Institutes shared their favorite programs, hardware, tips, and tricks. I loved hearing everyone share and cheer each other on.

Here’s some quotes from STAR’s in the chat window that sums up our night best….

Nancy Sharoff: Isn’t it great… DENers learning MORE new stuff!

Heather Hurley: I know what I’m doing at work tomorrow!

Riptide Furse: Can’t wait to share this site tomorrow!

Bridget Belardi: Thanks everyone!!! DEN’s the best– I’ll be so busy checking all of these out!

Thanks again to all the STARs who presented….

Tracy Standhart, Hank Caruso, Cindy Carson, Cindy Chaplik, Katie Knapp, Genny Kahlweiss, Ethel Jenkins, Bridget Belardi, Nancy Sharoff, and Randy Kolset.

Follow this link to download the PPT that was shared:

Note: File is large and may take a few moments to download.


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  1. Tracy Standhart said:

    This was really fun. I enjoyed being a part of the presentation and hearing from the other presenters.
    I saved the presentation in PDF format for printing ease, but I’m not seeing where I can attach it or upload it here.

    Steve? Any suggestions?

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