New York DEN Member needs our help

About three weeks ago, I entered an essay contest to Lenovo Computers(they make my T60 PC laptop).  They asked entrants to describe in 50 words or less what makes them “New Thinkers for a New Age”.  I entered and hoped to win one of the special
commemorative laptops they were randomly selecting each week.
My essay explained how I use my laptop to bring my Spanish students around the world with me via technology.(hence my DEN membership)
I received a call on Friday from the promotional firm handling this contest.  They informed  me I was selected on the basis of my essay as one of the 20 finalists WORLDWIDE.
I had until midnight  last night(10/7/07) to create a 30 second video demonstrating why I am a “New Thinker”  and should be selected to represent the US in carrying the olympic torch on the relay in China prior to the start of the 2008 Olympic Games in
Beijing next summer.  All videos submitted will be viewed by users of YouTube to be voted on and tallied. The top three video submissions win the honor of carrying the olympic torch on the relay leading up to the Opening Ceremony in Beijing, August 2008.
Voting begins on the videos on 10/10/07.
The link for the vote casting is
My neighbors helped me create the video I submitted-including allowing me to use their original music as part of the presentation.
Now with some luck and lots of votes- I can go represent  the DEN, New York- and  teachers in general!
I think my video is very good.
I mentioned in my profile I am a Star Discovery Educator- and we are all “NEW THINKERS!”
Thanks for your help
Linda Bilak
Star Discovery Educator
NY DEN member


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  1. Jeannine Rousseau said:

    Good luck in your contest. I just tried visiting to website to vote for you and it says to come back on October 10th. Guess they are from a different time zone. I’ll be voting for you as soon as I can.

  2. Linda Bilak said:

    KEEP VOTING. You are allowed to vote every day.
    I have dropped to a 4th place finish.
    C’mon NY DEN it is RALLY time-
    Put all that October Baseball fever disappointment(NY Yankees-wah!) into a win for one of us.
    The server was down yesterday for hours- I have to make up lost ground and secure the third place spot.
    Email this to everyone you know-Vote home and work. Desktops, laptops, blackberries……..Thanks for your help! Linda B

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