When I’m right, I’m right—but…

Joe Brennan told me Wal-Mart must have read my blog when they pulled the losingbluraygood.gif format high definition DVD player (HD DVD) off the shelves.  I did predict the eminent demise of the format after Warner Brothers jumped ship to support Blu-Ray.   It happened faster than anybody thought.  However, now is the time for great bottom-feeding if you want fantastic pictures at home cheap. HD DVD manufacturer Toshiba will abandon the market, but the players are great and now is the time to pick one up if you want a stand alone system limited to the movie/tv titles out right now.  Maybe for the RV, or cabin in the woods.  Or the elderly relative you have to visit hddvd.pngwho plays the TV too loud and only watches “I Love Lucy.”  An eBay search this morning ebaygraphic.pngshowed 9206 people dumping their “old” HD DVD players.  Yesterday one went for $61.  That’s a lot of good technology for the money.  Watch for stores to begin dumping their HD DVD titles, too.  Get there FAST, because the good stuff goes fast (then watch eBay again).  I went through this with both Betamax (yes, I have one) and LaserDiscs (I have two, thank you, Steve Glyer).  Another tip.  Blu Ray prices will go up now that the depressed prices of the format wars are lifting.  Features will improve, online connectivity will be standard in Blu 2.0. But if you are in the market, grab a Blu 1.1  ( so agrees the expert quoted in the LA Times).  Remember, this only makes sense if you have a high definition television.  Otherwise, stick with a regular DVD player.


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks, Joe. I immediately thought of you. I’m to get the YouTubeWall video to play, and if keeps fighting me, I’ll just put the link in the comments. It was VERY cool, NExtFest. More than I could write about.

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