A Terabyte in Your Future?


Have you been seeing advertising for terabytes lately, and wondering if that’s a dinosaur, or if you’ll BE a dinosaur without one? Do you
remember when you bought your last computer or hard drive? A few gigabytes seemed likeway more storage space then you would ever need. But along came a new operating system, a bunch of MP3 music files, and a bunch of videos (from Teachertube, I hope…)

Now, that hard drive is creaking under the load. Enter the Terabyte. Over the last few months, hard drive vendors have been pumping out
new products that crack the terabyte barrier. That’s 1000 gigabytes, or one TRILLION bytes of storage. How much space is that in practical terms? Do YOU need a terabyte? Read on at Ask BobRankin to find out more about terabytes…

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