Let's send a STAR to the Olympics!

Ok, everyone — here’s our chance to make sure that a fellow DEN STAR gets to carry the torch at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing! Linda Bilak, of New York, has been selected as one of 20 finalists and now it is your chance to vote! Visit the Lenovo site and cast your vote for Linda now!


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  1. Diedre Cook said:

    Everyone needs to vote! I just voted and Linda is only up by 2 votes.

  2. Linda Bilak said:

    Thank you for your support!
    You can vote more than once-please bookmark this and keep me in your “keystrokes”
    Collegially yours
    A fellow DEN member
    Linda Bilak

  3. Linda Bilak said:

    HELP! I am down by a lot.
    I am putting out a plea to have all teachers send this on to other educators -you can vote every day.

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