Forgive Me…

I’m sorry, but the DEN in SL has the BEST LC around…I mean, which other LC do YOU know of whose Chair (male) will go shopping with the Blogger (female) and not complain?  Not only that, but obliged me when I pleaded with him to try on some clothes?  I went in SL to create a notecard for tomorrow’s workshop which I’m hosting at the Education Fair on EduIsland II (DON’T FORGET!!!  See previous post for agenda.).  Ran into a ‘little’ problem getting my box to give out the notecard.  IMed Riptide (LC Chair) who was kind enough to join me and literally saved my *** (I CAN’T thank you enough Rip, but don’t worry I’ll find a way! LOL).  When that problem was resolved, I took him to take a look at some dogs at Zooby’s on Alope (161, 48, 21).  I already own the most adorable dachsund, but I found out that they’ve got some sculpties that will follow you around (and even fly when you do! How COOL is that!), bark, growl, sit, etc., and I wanted to check them out.  Then I remembered that Nicky Ree (FABULOUS designer) was having a BIG BIG BIG SALE for the opening of her new store on Tropical Orchid (126, 139, 32) and since I LOVE her clothes, well, I just HAD to go.  Needless to say I barely made it onto the sim it was that packed.  Rip kept trying to tp in, and finally succeed.  All the beautiful people were there dancing away.  It was awesome.  I tangoed a bit with Hason Pfeffer (swore he was a model), who won my heart with the following pick up line, “Do you know you wearing my favorite color?”  I mean, how could I ignore that?  Anyway…finally met up with Rip and we’re walking around looking at the various clothes.  I beg him to try some on, and sure enough, HE DID!!!  Sorry Rip, but I’ve got to show the world….what a true sport you are!  Here are some shots of Rip trying on one of Nicky Ree’s (sorry, Nicky! LOL) sarong outfits.  (Mind you, he lost a sneaker along the way, and I’m not sure whether he had shaved his legs!)

Shopping with Rip at Nicky Ree 2

Shopping with Rip at Nicky Ree

Shopping with Rip at Nicky Ree 3

I swear…we just have too much time on our hands!!!!


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