Best Practices

I keep thinking of some of the general guidelines I try to follow on a daily basis in my classroom; particularly things of educational technology relevance. What pitfalls do teachers want to stay away from when using tech? What things do we want to make sure we do consistently when using tech? How can we better use tech to teach? I’m not talking about specific projects, hardware, software or websites, but rather the little things we do, or should do, that make a big difference in the long run.

Well, I got motivated and created a list of things that I think are important, but we all know that “We is Smarter Than Me.” So I’m posting it as a wiki. Take a look at the things on the list and see if you can add to them. Keep them concise and try not to add things just for the sake of adding to the list. let’s make them new and different. I’m excited to see what great ideas we can come up with! Here is the link.

~Dave Kootman


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