Student Government Workshop

Last weekend I took part in the eastern regional workshop for the TN Association of Student Councils (TASC).  I was asked to do a presentation on digital scrapbooking, but when I explained I had never done that they let me do a Photo Story workshop for personal memory making.  I had fun doing 4 20-minute sessions with middle schoolers.  Virtually none of them had ever heard of Photo Story, let alone used it.

We have used Photo Story in our lab classes before, so our students were familiar (although none of them were actually in my sessions).  However, I think I learned something valuable from this experience.

When we used Photo Story, we jumped right in to storytelling.  We had students write a script, edit and revise, etc.  Then, they brought pictures from home and we scanned them into the computer for use with their story.  Some had real trouble tying pictures to their theme.  Others didn’t have any pictures, so we had to make do with selected shots I downloaded from the Internet and made available.  By the time we were finished, many of our kids had grown tired of the project.  The excitement I expected didn’t materialize.

I saw something different in this workshop.  I talked about loading random personal pictures and adding music (no narration) to create a 30-second to 1-minute video of something important in their lives.  Then, they can upload those videos to their MySpace accounts and entertain their friends.  When I use Photo Story again in my classroom, I believe I will take this approach.  They might use photos of their favorite music artist, skateboarder, or other celebrity to make a statement about their own personal tastes.  You get the idea.

Anyway, here is an animoto video I created from pictures taken at TASC.  Enjoy!


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