To Twit or Not to Twit

So I digress from the usual DEN in SL related posts here, but heh, I can do that!  Here’s the deal, I keep reading about the wonders of Twitter, how you can pose a question and w/in minutes you’ll get responses, etc.  Steve Dembo made such a compelling (and impressive display) argument for the use of Twitter during the Florida DEN Summer Institute that I decided this was one application I needed to explore.  It’s been three months, and frankly (and no offense to you Twitter fans out there), I just DON’T GET IT!  I’m ready to give it up….but not yet.

Here are the issues I have:

1.  It took me a while to figure out WHY I would post but not get any responses (that’s when I realized that I could follow 1,235 people, but unless they followed me they wouldn’t see my postings — 🙁 )

2.  Unless you’re following (and being followed) by the people you’re following (are you ‘following’ me??? — I actually believe I’ve just lost myself! LOL) you won’t fully be able to follow the conversations.  Case in point, if someone does @hinkypink and you’re not following/being followed by hinkypink you’ll be totally out of the loop as to what that conversation was about.

3.  Don’t know if it’s my browser or my computer, but my Twitter doesn’t automatically update itself.  So unless I keep ‘clicking’ refresh I won’t know what’s going on.

4.  No offense, but I really couldn’t care less that you just ate a cheese pizza with a coke….as far as I’m concerned, if you have to Twit about that, you need to take a real close look at how you spend your time! 

5.  How much more multi-tasking can one REALLY do effectively?  How many windows do YOU have open at your computer at this moment? 

6.  Twitter is blocked at my school — which is when I would find it most effective. 

 With all that said….I DO believe that there is GREAT potential for Twitter on a professional level.  So….here’s the deal.  I’m willing to stay w/ Twitter until the end of the year, BUT I’m gonna need your support.  We DENers are a fabulous source of information and often go out of our way to help another DENer in need.  I would like to put together a list of DENers who are on Twitter.  I then promise to post this list (more details as to exact location to follow) so that we ALL have ACCESS to EACH OTHER on Twitter.  It’s just one more way for DENers to connect to each other.  If you would like to be added to the list, simply e-mail me at, PLEASE put in the ‘Subject’ line: ‘Twitter’, and the body of the email provide me with your name, your Twitter username, and the state you’re from. I’ll accept names for this list until October 30th.



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  1. Brett Harvey said:

    It seemed to me like the only true benefit of Twitter was to carry on conversations with people who are mobile – since they can use text msg’ing to twit. Other than that, a chat room seems just as usable for the same purposes.

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