Costume Shopping in SL

 As you get ready for the upcoming Costume Party at DEN in SL on October 28th, I thought I’d post some costume shopping information.  Mind you, this information comes from our very own LC Chair, Riptide Furse, who posted this info on the Google Groups page (see why you need to sign up to belong?!?)

MIA mall has costumes designed by Ayla Holt at very good prices. Look for the stores 
Men in Action and White Lilly at opposites ends of the mall. Both have the same 

Heroes Unlimited has superhero costumes and more including Star Trek. 
Many of the costumes come with gadgets and animation overriders 
so your avatar really does look and act like the person. 
Both male and female versions are available in many cases.

Vindi Vindaloo has period costumes at her stores.

Nicky Ree has superhero to astronaut costumes. The orange astronaut costume at the front of the store is a freebie.

Grendel's Children doesn't sell costumes but avatars. Non Human avatars! You can be a butterfly,
 scorpion, spider, robotic werewolf and many more. The store is beautifully designed and huge. 
Most of the avatars are pennies. I'm talking L$5-L$50.

Second Life Heroes contains super hero costumes and AVs from the hit TV show Heroes!
Adam & Eve
Touch of Ireland
Liquid Velvet Studios
Bare Rose
P.S. - you may be surprised to find some costume-like things in the library that 
you were born into SL with -- check out the library in your inventory 
and see!

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