Warm Reception in Florida

techdoor.jpg It appears the recent, sudden onset of chilly fall weather here in the Chicago area is all my fault. Last weekend when we were flirting with the 90’s and the air conditioners were running, I foolishly told family and friends that this weekend’s trip to Florida was going to be wasted weather-wise. Within hours we had to flip over to furnace, making Tom Turner’s advice to wear shorts yesterday all the more appreciated.

fear.jpgWith that off my chest, I feel the need to confess one more thing. With all the “Lights! Camera! Education!” workshops I’ve done and am scheduled to do, I fear there’s nothing new that participants will do with the door scene. No worries here. The Florida folks found an electronic twist to that stubborn door and an interesting situation with a rocking SUV. Imagination!
And there was a learning moment for me. I have warned readers in the past to avoid the newer hard drive and DVD camcorders. Well, there was a team that had a hard drive camcorder and couldn’t import their video for the final edit. One of the new features in iMovie ’08 is the ability to bring in video from either of those cameras. So I lent them my MacBook Pro and they were in business. I’m still a bit ambivalent about this version, but it came to our rescue on Saturday.dropsy.png
Thanks to the Florida DEN (Debbie, Diana, Mark, and Tom) for extending my summer by a couple of days and for sharing some great southern barbecue food for lunch.
P.S. Frank Guttler is still inviting all you “graduates” of our LCE! workshops to share your emails with him for an alumni list that will keep you informed of the American Film Institute’s ScreenEd happenings. And I can tell you that there is a pretty cool announcement in the works. Send Frank an email to stay in the loop: fguttler@afi.com.

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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Thanks Joe. Loved hearing about video success and pitfalls in the classroom setting. Glad you were able to resuce our team with the digital HD camera and your trusty Mac with iMovie. Nathan

  2. Tom Turner said:


    I can’t thank you enough again for coming down for a wonderful time. Everyone that I talked to learned so much from you and this marvelous program.

  3. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thank you for spending the day with us. We had a wonderful time creating our door scene. Unfortunately we had a few pitfalls but it wouldn’t be a learning experience without them. Your knowledge of film made this a great day and I can’t wait to implement your techniques with my students. I am looking forward to completing the workshop from AFI through Discovery too!

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