DEN Webinars Rock!

I received the following awesome feedback from Central Bucks elementary teacher and STAR Discovery Educator, Meg Griffin, about the DEN Meerkat Manor webinar.

On Wednesday, October 3 my fourth grade students were captivated during a Discovery Education webinar with Mick Kaczorowski, Executive Producer for the much-loved Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor. Disbelievingly, my students asked questions of Mick Kaczorowski, not really expecting to have their questions answered. Their disbelief turned to wonderment as their specific questions appeared in the chat window and were subsequently answered. That morning, in Doylestown, 26 nine and ten year old kids got a glimpse into the wonders of technology as they interacted not only with a television producer and the Discovery Education pros, but, perhaps most importantly, also with their peers from within their own state to states across the country. One student summed it up when he called out, “This rocks!”


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