In Your Dreams…

What did you dream about as a young child? What do you still dream about today? Is it really any different?…

One of our colleagues has the unique opportunity to fullfill a dream held by more people than any of us could possibly imagine- To Carry the Olympic Torch!

Linda Bilak, STAR Discovery Educator, is in the running to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2008 Olympics! Here’s the details:

“I entered an essay in the Lenovo “New Thinkers” for the New World competition. My essay explained how I am teaching students Spanish by bringing the world to them on my laptop. They are selecting 3 people to carry the Olympic Torch in the relay in Beijing prior to the 2008 Olympic games … The top three videos win this amazing opportunity … I have been a Star Discovery Educator since 2005. I would be PROUD to represent all new thinking innovative teachers like the DEN!”

Right now, she is currently in third place, so if the contest ended today, she would be one of the three winners! However, there’s still quite a bit of time left in the contest, so she needs your help. Click here to watch Linda’s video and vote for her.

Let’s do everything we can do make sure she makes it to Beijing. Ask your colleagues, family and friends to vote for her the New Jersey way: early and often! Voting will continue through October 24th, so keep coming back and keep voting.

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