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I’m sure those of you who are blog savvy have heard the news of Discovery acquiring . If you’ve never seen the site, it has tons of useful info presented in a manner that kids can enjoy. I’ve had my fourth graders do many different mini-projects and papers using HowStuff Works as a resource. FYI, although the site has had declining viewership over the last few years, it still fetched a nice little sum of $250,000,000 and ranks among the top 2,000 most visited sites online.

So, anyone who would like to start their own website, drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do. I could use a chunk of that money 😉


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  1. Brett Harvey said:

    I love Howstuffworks. But I’ve always wondered who writes the articles? They have about the same range of topics as Wikipedia – the other day I went from How Wireless Networks Work to How Caffeine Works. The latter was very insightful.

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