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It’s Hollywood, so there are premieres. A few nights ago I went to a premiere at Mann’s Chinese TheaterMann’s–always a great place to catch a film. (live webcam). Not because I own a tux —outside of Second Life– as you might think. I went with one of the writers, a longtime friend and fellow member of the elementary school parent advisory council where we were chair and co-chair—mainly because his wife wouldn’t go. This was in part because of the genre. The film was Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, and I’ll give details first, and then explain why I’mKimberly Caldwell blogging about it. The genre is what is lovingly called a “splatter film.” This is a traditional niche in horror films, not as gruesome in spirit as Hostel or The Hills Have Eyes, etc. It is a close brother more in spirit and structure to film comedies. There are laughs in equal mix with the “eeewww’s.” The genre is like a pie fight, with every other pie having a dismembered body part in it, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I sat next to KimberlyCaldwell, late of American Idol (she was great). In the picture, she is holding up a promotion figure of herself which was sent over for her to autograph. Prior to MySpacerbeginning the film, with the writer, director, cast, and crew present (as well as a film festival audience), there was only one person introduced, who alone stood to take applause before the title rolled. It was the young man who had, for himself, created the MySpace entry about the movie. This had created quite a buzz, pushing the movie, which was simultaneously released on DVD, to #10 in the horror genre on Amazon on pre-orders alone. It also mightPicture have explained the large and enthusiastic premiere night audience. Afterwards, he took pictures of the writers for his MySpace update. I took pictures of him doing it. So big media meets monomedia. It was not a coincidence, I suspect, that Fox was releasing the film. Fox and MySpace are both part of Rupert Murdock’s empire. But while big boardrooms ponder such things, it is a full theater of like minds that demonstrates what one person in a social network can do. Oh, and that little piece of memorabilia that circulated for Kimberly Caldwell’s autograph? The producer got it and it never returned. Welcome to Hollywood.

WritersLastly, the pictures of the writers, Al Septien and Turi Meyer. Sometimes media starts with the written word. 🙂


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