Costume/Halloween Party Contest Categories

Now try saying that three times fast!!!

If you’re shopping around for the perfect costume for the October 28th event (I’ve already got mine!) you should know that we will be having contests in the following four categories:

1.  Sci Fi/Fantasy

2.  Occupation

3.  Funniest

4.  Scariest

I was hoping they would do a shoe contest, but that was quickly nixed by the LC!  Wonder why?!?  I also wanted one for ‘Avatar with the Most Purple Hair Styles’, but for some strange (LOL) reason that was also nixed.  Probably because at over 70 (but who’s counting) I would probably win!   Oh, and LC members are NOT ELIGIBLE to enter the above listed contests.  (Though that doesn’t mean we won’t come dressed in one of those categories!)

Please clear your calendars as this is one event you won’t want to miss (but then, NO event at DEN in SL is an event to be missed!).  There’ll be contests, and prizes, and dancing, and eating (yup, we’ve got food), and if nothing else, you’ve JUST got to come to see how we decorate the DEN in SL!!!


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