Mark Your Calendars! Digital StoryTelling Workshop

On November 10th, our very own LC member, Celestia Cazalet will be conducting a Digital StoryTelling workshop at DEN in SL HQs.  For those of you who were fortunate enough to make it to her workshop during EduIsland II’s Education Fair you’ll be taken to the next level.  For those of you who missed her workshop (me included!) here’s our opportunity to join in!

In this follow-up session to the Digital Storytelling workshop during EduIsland II’s recent EduFair, Celestia Cazalet will introduce participants to techniques for capturing images and video in Second Life, culminating in a project to create machinimas entirely in SL.
Participants will submit their videos for a contest to win recognition and prizes!

Please make sure to IM Celestia Cazalet in-world to let her know if you will be attending.  I know I’ll be there — this is a NOT TO BE MISSED event!


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