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We love our webinars here at Discovery Education, everyone knows that. The trouble with webinars though is that sometimes people just aren’t able to attend. I know that sounds crazy, but not everybody who wants to is able to be there to catch the webinar live! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard excuses like, “I really wanted to be there, but my dog ate a Buick.” Or “I was busy sending that nice lawyer a thousand dollars so he could free up the 13.5 million dollars that I inherited from the South African Diamond Mining relative that I didn’t know I had, and completely forgot about the webinar!”

Regardless of the reason, we understand. And that’s why I’m happy to share with you our new Webinar Archives page, which has links to three of our most recent webinars. You’ll find Claudia Linden’s webinar from a few days ago, Mick Kaczorowski’s webinar about Meerkat Manaor, and Scott Kinney’s webinar about the State of the DEN.

There are plenty more coming soon, but I hope you enjoy the ones that are up there now!


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  1. Paula Marini said:

    This really is great news! I hope the November 6 “Making Movies” will be available on the Archive postings. The description sounds perfect for the novice moviemaker. Unfortunately, I have a school commitment that evening. 🙁

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