DE Streaming and English Language Learners

I had an interesting question come through the inbox today, regarding how ELL teachers could use Discovery Education Streaming to support their students.  I started to type out a a few ideas that popped into my head, but then it occurred to me that I should really turn the question over to all of you!

Do you teach ELL students, or have a colleague who does?  If so, we’d love to hear how you’re using Discovery Education Streaming in the classroom to improve learning.   Even if you aren’t an ELL teacher, please feel free to share your ideas.  You never know which direction inspiration is going to come from.



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  1. Chris Craft said:

    One of the most fun ways is to turn on closed captioning (for Windows Media) and allow the ELL to control the playback, pausing, and rewinding as necessary. Using some carefully crafted questions to assess comprehension you can really give a kid some independent work that is solid.

    Chris Craft

  2. Beth Knittle said:

    Some of our ELL and title 1 teachers have the students create interactive vocabulary cards. The students use PowerPoint to make the cards. They define the words on their own and use DS to find images or clips that illustrate the concept.

  3. Karie Huttner said:

    My entire class is second language learners. I’ve designed interactive units that support our content area curriculum. For example, when we are studying mammals my students read about them, watch video segments, and write about them to build content knowledge. Using video segments allows students to watch content many times, build background knowledge, have visual access to content, and to use closed captioning to see and hear the content.
    This year I grouped the Between the Lions videos into hyperlinked powerpoints under phonics skills taught and use them as part of my reading centers. My students love the videos and love to be able to choose which episodes they want to watch to learn specific phonics sounds. For some students, they watch a different one each day while some watch the same one multiple times.
    I also use video segments with our smartboard to do group think alouds and notetaking skills.

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