Road Trip Accomplished!

Get your own Moonk!

This past Wednesday evening the DEN staff hosted a dinner at the T&L Conference in Nashville. The dinner was at The Old Hickory in the Opryland Hotel. Around 20 people attended, including DEN members from Tennessee (west, middle, and east), Wisconsin, Maryland, Maine, and more. It was a wonderful evening of sharing and laughter.

Teryl Magee and I drove in from our respective places of abode, had dinner, then drove home. Teryl was home around 1:30 or 2:00 AM and I got home at 2:30 after a brief nap on top of Mount Eagle! Whew! Thursday was hard, but well worth it.

For me, the highlights of the night came in two areas. First, I was able to talk nearly non-stop with the Hall Davidson. What a wealth of information and creativity! Second, was my Caesar salad. I’ve never had a salad that included just four lettuce leaves stacked on top of one another. We all got a good laugh, wondered if every course would be like this, and then breathed a huge sigh of relief when the main course came. We were definitely full at the evening’s end!

I’m sorry I didn’t include pictures of everyone at the table, nor get the names of all the Discovery staff present. A big special thanks to Lance for putting it all together!


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    Tell us MORE about Moonk. Can you do a post on it please? I’ve got it save in my CIO (Check It Out) folder, but would like a litte more info as to how you use it or how you think it can be used.


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