Handouts, Fire Marshalls, Teachers, and Creeping Plants

OprylandThe DEN was in Nashville for the National School Boards Association’s T+L conference. Many great DEN experiences in the gigantic Opryland hotel . The fire marshall shut down the room when Lance Rougeux’s session on 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming filled the room to overflow. For two days, we tl.pngkept the room open past closing to meet the needs of the T+L attendees. Full Lance My own sessions on Thinking Big and MegaVCR: iPod also got some bodies in seats. Handouts are menu.jpgbelow, as promised. A different kind of fire ‘marshaled up’ a big DEN dinner. First course was the menu served on their own plates. “Show plates” the waiter said. In attendance were people from Nashville’s public school system, where I first taught back in the ’70’s. (The globe was cold back thenfullroom.jpg). A definite highlight was when Teryl Magee (whom I call “Tennessee”) spoke for Tim Childers and the Tennessee DEN leadership (Addressing the crowdcheck their blog and photos). Tim and Teryl both taught that day then drove for hours for the DEN dinner. Afterwards, they turned around and drove back. No wine for the Tennessee DEN that night! They said the dinner was worth it…hope so! Kudos for a great effort! It was great talking to Tennessee and Tim, who are doing a great job. Need to get a pic of Tennessee in her red Jag on the road….Attended the winnerwhall.jpgTechnology&Learning Magazine Leadership Award. From adouglance.jpg national pool, honored that night was DEN member Cathleen Richardson, an eLearning specialist from Atlanta, who knew me from the DEN in Georgia. Great story told by honored graphics teacher Doug Martin who told heart-wrenching tales of kids from West Virginia finding incredible odds in their struggle for essential college scholarships. “We can’t teach kids the way we did ten years ago,” he said, then followed with “We can’t teach the way we did two years ago!” He and Lance chatted. Lance has his own celebrated history in the classroom, of course. Finally, three things: 1) The living, moving ivy plantcreepingvine.jpgcreepingvinecloseup.jpg that is actually a mime in a vine creeping around the hotel. A greener version of the human statues we see on Hollywood Boulevard. 2) The wall o’ boots at the Bluegrass Inn. You’re in Nashville, you find bluegrass (thank you,bootwall.jpg Technology and Learning Magazine!). 3) On a different wall, in the caves outside Nashville, cave art from 1200 – 9,000 years-old. More and continuing proof of how hardwired (and ancient) our brains are for media. Art after my own heart. Just maybe there was an older version of music bouncing off those walls, too. I would guess –yes.cavewall.jpg

iPod Handout in pdf

iPod original PowerPoint

Video of creeping vine (a YouTube link). It works in FireFox but not in all versions of Explorer, apparently.


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Hall, Teryl and I had a great time in Nashville. Okay, the drive home was a little hard; but with a 30 minute nap on top of Mount Eagle I was ready to head downhill! Discovery’s great. The DEN Rocks!

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