Assignments and Quizzes and Builders – Oh My!

Wow I’m really digging my new digs here on this site! Way to go Mr. Dembo!

Yesterday I had a chance to speak with a lot of DEN Stars, members and teachers from all over the country during the DEN Stream-a-thon. I promised you all that I would post the presentations that I used during my session.

As promised – please find the attached PowerPoint Presentation. Each builder is covered in detail and the animations will walk you through the steps that you need to take to complete each builder. Please feel free to modify them or use them to help others learn about these tools!

I promise this presentation isn’t as wonky as what you saw on the Stream-a-thon!

Assignments and Quizzes, and Writing Prompts – Oh My Power Point – At Last



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  1. Pam Caster said:

    Matt, this is a great PowerPoint. Can I show your PowerPoint to my teachers to teacher them how to use create writing prompts? Thanks.

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