GOOG-411 vs. Live Search 411

Last month, I was out with a good friend planning some upcoming podcasts. But we were hungry and wanted to know if the local bowling alley (we had a coupon) was still serving food. My buddy rang up the location with GOOG-411 (800-466-4411), got our answer (yes), and we were on our way. GOOG-411 is a great product that has made my life easier. And you can’t beat the price.

But Microsoft (not feeling quite so whipped by other Google products) recently announced that it was launching Live Search 411 (800-225-5411). Microsoft claims that customers can access (800) CALL-411 “from any phone to find and connect to local businesses and other local information, such as weather updates, movie show times and airline information. People using a cell phone with Internet access can also receive links to traffic maps from Live Search 411.”

Another 411 service? How do I choose which is best for me? Fortunately, PC World compared the two products in a recent article. As advertised, Live Search offers more extras – weather, movies, airline info, etc. But if you want to stick with business listings, the author suggests sticking with GOOG-411.

From Lifehacker [Link]


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