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Google EarthThe DEN did a Streamathon yesterday. Hundreds of folks took part, some with their staffs or classes watching through a projector. I referred to some both basic and ‘advanced’ Google Earth tips, techniques, and classroom strategies. These have been littered across this blogsite for more than a year. Here’s the aggregate! It has somethings old, somethings new, somethings borrowed, and something blew. 🙂 Enjoy–and contribute in the comments! The chat box during the Streamathon was alive with great advice. A couple of notes: My own floating head won’t work (it gives you a red “x”). That’s because when we changed blog engines, all the old web posting went down and that’s where the head lives. I’ll fix that later. But know that when you cut and paste the code with your own floating graphic– like a school, a district logo, or your own head–it will work. Just follow the recipe in the “Codes to Cut and Paste” doc. Note: the head shot, so to speak, were taken by a 5th grader and the backgrounds erased in Photoshop Elements so the head floats alone. I recommend doing that so the graphic really floats (use the magic eraser in Elements!).

Floating Head, Text formatting, and other Instructions

Download codes_to_cut_and_paste_for_googleearth2.doc

Download google_earthwebinar.pdf (older version, but valid)

Floating Heads kmz, kml, and other files for downloading and opening in Word for cut and paste (follow the instructions above). Note:  These kmz files will no longer launch my own head because it resided on the old Typepad blogsite.  I need to redo them and repost.  However, the point is just to cut and your own graphic anyway and it still works very well for that! – hd

Download HallOz.kmz

Download LookDown.kmz

Download scott_kinneypictureinserted.kmz

Download manns_chinese_webcam.kmz
Floating Head Graphic Examples from the NECC sessionhall_necc4_4.png

They are here:

Interesting Layers to move into your Places in Google Earth and other interesting file examples
Download cloud_layer_at_altitude.kmz

Download flickr_photos.kmz

Download the_grapes_of_wrath.kmz

Download Gettysburg.kmz

Download plaza_park_jhs.kmz

Google SkyGoogle Sky stuff, Google Mars and Google Moon link: Here.

Inserting Video Directly into Google Earth

Thanks to DEN media maven Brad Fountain for sharing how to embed instructional streaming videos into Google Earth. He writes ” Okay, I think most of us have wondered if this could be done. Take a look…what you see below is a screen shot from Google Earth with embedded video from BradDiscovery Education streaming . For a small finders fee (or you can simply follow directions on the attachment) you, too, can wow your friends and associates with this great trick.” Here is his doc, which includes a cut-and-paste that readers of this blog have come to love. Burns me that you beat me to it, Brad…. :) More great tips are here at GE

The exact PowerPoint is I used, lame and tame as it was with screen shots, is here as a pdf. This link will work for a week, then we’ll have it here permanently. Get it while it’s hot!

Note on Google Earth Pro offer to Educators.

This seems to be free for one year, a slight change. DEN member and fellow VSTE presenter Kathryn S. passes along that the email link I gave works! Here is the response she got. There is some quid pro quo, apparently. But Kathyrn went for it. If you are interested, read on! There is some good information. I have slightly edited it and the bolding was done me. If not interested, you can go back to what you were doing. This is the end of the post. Thanks! – Hall

Dear Kathryn,

My name is Anna and I’m following up on your recent request to participate in the Google Earth Education Initiative. We’re glad that you are interested in integrating Google Earth Pro into your curriculum or research and hope that this message will answer your questions about the program.

Google Earth “free” is accessible online and available to download onto your computer or your school’s servers to be used by all who have access. It must not be used commercially, for business or any other revenue-generating venue. Under most conditions this option will fulfill the majority of your student and teacher needs.

Google also has a Google Earth Education initiative, through which Google Earth Pro is offered free for one year to qualified educators. If you require more sophisticated functionality than Google Earth “free” offers, the Pro version is available through this initiative. As with any software program, I suggest that prior to requesting to participate in this initiative, you should become proficient in using Google Earth “free.” Both programs are updated at the same time and have the same imagery and clarity. The difference lies in the user features and functionality. Please visit this link to see our comparison chart for specific product details.

Below I have included the qualifications questionnaire for your review and response, should you be qualified for Google Earth Pro and wish to participate in the program.

Our program involves outreach and distribution of Google Earth Pro to qualified educators affiliated with (employed by) lower, middle, and upper grade schools, accredited community and four year colleges, universities and graduate schools, selected vocational training programs, certain education oriented NGOs, public access museums, and academic libraries. This wide distribution of Google Earth Pro is
provided for one full year as a means to increase the use of Google Earth in core curriculums.In return, we ask for your yearly contribution to a forum of educators
facilitated by the Google Earth Community at or There, you will be joined by other educators seeking collaborative opportunities with their peers for the benefit of students. Whether it be information in the form of a lesson plan or in a detailed testimony outlining your successes, these contributions will foster incentives for creativity and innovation which that can ultimately evolve into Google Earth enhancements geared specifically toward curriculum development.

To participate, please return your completed application to Should your organization qualify you will receive notification via email with detailed instructions on how to set up your account, and register for Google online support.

Information required:

1. Your name (key contact person)
2. Organization / Institution
3. A brief description of the Institution / Organization
4. Full mailing address
5. Telephone number
6. User name (complete email address that will be assigned to the
license key)
7. Institution’s web address
8. Your Institution’s Tax ID (if applicable)
9. Your Institution’s 501(c)3 number (US only, if applicable)
10. A description of the intended application including grade
level(s), discipline(s) or subject.
11. What features in Google Earth Pro are important to you and how
do you wish to use them in your classroom.
12. Number of computers you are requesting to download this software on.
13. Prior license key information.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants are required to download the free, 7-day trial version of Google Earth Pro at before applying. Please be sure to include your Google Earth trial account user name and license key above.

We look forward to working with you to create a one-of-a-kind, global resource for educators.

Anna Bishop
Google Earth Education

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


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  1. James R. Mitchell said:

    I changed e-mail addresses a month ago from TO When I ask that you change my address so that I could get updated Google Earth, I was told that my account was not up to date. I ask to update my account and attempted to pay $20 requested on my credit card. I got all but the figures on the BACK of the card on the form……..I think! I do not think that my account has been updated, and I would like to START OVER and give you the Visa Card data and know that I am current with my account. I have not heard from my e-mail sent to you……….I wonder if I sent it to a wrong address, when I sent it to your “Reply” address that sent me the notice. Anyway, I got a letter from you today asking about how I would classify your service. Hey we are still in the process of correcting my error and getting the proper data in your hands, so that I can get on with “Google Earth Plus” My out of date License kety: JCPMGNGM7Y6DK6A and the old password:renouf.

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Wow. I just saw this comment to the blog post and have no idea what it means. I think you may be confusing this blog with Google Earth at Google. Or you may have just done a mistaken cut and paste. Or this may be really clever spam! Whichever, Google does not charge for Google Earth, doesn’t charge educators for Pro, and it seems unlikely they’d ask for credit card info, although sometimes companies do this without intending to charge. But if there was a charge, that would be odd. Certainly, I have never done credit card transactions. Although if I could charge for Google Earth, my kid’s college fund would be set. James, if you happen to see this, email me.

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