Simple text changes for your website

texty logoThese days, we all use different applications to modify our websites.  Some people use MS Frontpage or Dreamweaver, some use Mac accounts and many people have different types of web hosting, such as Google Pages, Teacher Web, or even Word Press (such as this blog).  Whatever tool you use to host your site, sometimes the need arises to change only one small bit of content, without changing layout, paragraphs, images or other things.

Here is a tool that I use to change the welcome message on my site’s front page.  It is called Texty.   Texty allows users to insert a small bit of Java into their web page where they want the text to appear (you can even insert the same code into multiple parts of your site).  From there, you can go to Texty and change your text.  Whereever your code is, your new text will appear.  It may sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy.

Once again, login and get your Texty code from their site,  enter your text and watch it appear on your site!


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