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  1. darcy said:

    ok, now that i see that HORRIBLE pic, i’m joining wt watchers…ugh.

    i don’t feel that fat. ah well.

    it was a great EVENT, food was TOO good, the company was very eager and semmingly happy, and i’m so happy to be apart of such a wonderfully bright group of AZ teachers/facilitators!

    happy halloween, all.


  2. Joe Brennan said:

    C’mon, Darcy. You sound like the little girl in “Grilled.”

    What a great group and what a great place to be creative in! Thanks to all for your hospitality and sharing your storytelling masterpieces.


  3. Victoria said:

    Could the scenery and the company have been any better? Joe is a mesmerizing storyteller – his genuis engages learners of all ages. Yavapai College also deserves some kudos for donating the site. I’ll make sure the Sedona press gets a reference to Joe and YC. I’m confident our audience and Diana’s blogging will spread the good word about the DEN faster than the press…Hey, AZ LC – our teamwork rocks!

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