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Wow!  The first two months of school were stressful for me this year.  How about you?  I was so busy that I thought when am I ever going to have time to start using Science Connection with my students? However, I took the plunge and I am glad that I stopped procrastinating, and set up my science class to be able to utilize the videos, articles and all the other media opportunities.

When I started planning what was the best way to incorporate Science Connection into my classroom, it dawned on me that this was the perfect tool to help me with two age old problems.  The first problem is how do I make my homework more motivating:  Answer: Use Science Connection and assignment builder as a way to make my science homework more fun and exciting. If I build a homework assignment using science connection.  The student can watch a video, or do a virtual lab instead of traditional science homework.  My students have  since told me that they not only enjoy homework more, but they like being able to watch a film clip because it helps clarify what we learn in class.

The other problem that Science Connection has helped me with is: How do I help the student who has been absent all week?

Simple answer :  Assignment builder.

Last week, a student ended up in the hospital, so I simply made an assignment that included what we did in our book, plus two video segments on classification from science connection, and an article to read on how living things are classified.  In addition, I made a review quiz using assessment builder.  The whole thing took me less then 20 minutes.  I emailed my student the assignment link, and he did the assignment in the hospital.  His parents were impressed and said he loved doing his make up work this way.

The assignment I made for my absent student then did double duty as a test review assignment for my whole class.  Several children in the class stated that they loved having something visual to help them review and they felt it helped improve their test scores.

I know all of you are as busy as I am, so I hope this post will help you lighten your work load.  I am hoping there will be some responses to this post from people who have thought of some interesting ways to utilize science connection.  If we help each other then all of us will benefit even more from the Science Connection as a classroom tool.


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  1. sadie fox said:

    I am very excited to use this feature – the assignment builder. I think that the opportunities this feature creates are part of the power that Science Connection has.

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