Sedona Spirit

sedonaarches.jpgSixteen years ago my wife and I were scolded by both a hotel clerk and an airport shuttle driver when they found out that our five days in Phoenix did not include a trip to Sedona or the Grand Canyon. We made partial amends this past weekend when we spent two days in Sedona. The natural beauty and the creative atmosphere are so infectious there that even the golden arches have caught it.

yavapai.jpgThe Arizona Leadership Council (thanks Darcy, Diana, Rosy, Vicki, and you ASSET folks!) hosted a Saturday “Lights! Camera! Education!” Day of Discovery at Yavapai College’s Sedona Center for Art and Technology. What a gorgeous setting! From our high vantage point, one of the participants was even able to point out Cathedral Rock where she got married. A plethora of glass doors everywhere we turned did not discourage our film makers as they dove into the door scene and took advantage of the beautiful red rock setting. From dramatic angles via a sun roof to mysterious packages to the invasion of the cellphones and a car with a mind of its own (anthropomorphization!), these sunny storytellers put a southwestern spin on the venerable door scene.

And speaking of Arizona, their governor is the honorary chairperson of the Innovation America Foundation whose Voices for Innovation video contest team registration has been extended to November 9th with videos due by the 19th.

P.S. It looks like that $6.99 wireless mic is still in stock at

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