Discovery Connect Webinar with Mr. Wizard IV

Join us on November 6, 2007 at 11 AM (EST) for a Discovery Connect webinar featuring Steven “Jake” Jacobs (aka Mr. Wizard IV). Jake’s mission in life is to make science fun and engaging for teachers and students. During this Discovery Connect, Mr. Wizard will lead us through an entertaining, interactive experience that will make you think like a scientist. Click here to register.

What to bring?
Mr. Wizard will lead us through several activities to get you and your students thinking like scientists. If you want to follow along, have the following supplies handy for each student or group of students.

  • balloon
  • penny
  • wooden pencil (sharpened)
  • plastic ruler or yard stick
  • ziploc bag filled 3/4 of the way with water

If you or your students have any science questions for Mr. Wizard that you’d like him to answer please send them to me at by Monday, November 5.

About Mr. Wizard
When not inspiring people through his presentations, Jake is the Director of Informal Science Education at the National Science Teachers Association, a science writer for MYTHBUSTERS, and a judge for the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge.


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Lance~ This is an inservice day for us! I am so bummed. Are you going to archive the webinar? Just wondering so my kids can see it later!

  2. Tracie Belt said:

    Today’s webinar with Mr. Wizard was fantastic. My kids were fascinated by the experiments and Mr. Wizard truly made them think like scientists to predict when they had to predict what would happen with the pencil and the bag full of water. I truly appreciate the opportunity to interact like this. I encourage everyone to try an interactive webinar with their students if Discovery offers one again.

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