The Word is Out

Because I am the Media Specialist at Fleming Island High School, I get to work with all my science teachers, and what a great department they are! Discovery Science Connection has been used here since last April, and the science teachers are all talking about it. Lori Triebold, Biology Teacher, says, “I have used it on a few occasions. It is wonderful! The video clips I have placed in PowerPoint presentations, and I have used a couple of the interactive activities to go discuss food webs, and the process of diffusion. These allow the entire class to become involved, and see exactly how the processes we are studying work. It is wonderful!” Michelle Fischer, Physical Science Teacher, declares, “So far I have used the video clips to put in my PowerPoint presentations. The short video clips are great because they supply an example of the concepts that I go over in my PowerPoint. The students enjoy watching the video clips because it provides another method of presentation of the material.” Diane Conlon, Biology Honors teacher, is planning to use it as part of a critical thinking activity to be used by all eleventh grade students at the school. We are all excited with the possibilities this program is presenting to us and the wonderful opportunities for learning it affords.


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