Makeover Finalists

picture-3.png      The finalists (five in each of the three age groups) in the Interwrite Learning Makeover contest have been chosen and their entries are up for viewing and voting through November 8th. I will be highlighting some of the work here, but not until after the voting. I don’t want to influence the outcome in any way. Especially since none of the DEN folks I know made the finals. How about taking some time to watch the five finalists in your grade range with your students and then deciding as a class on which one to vote for? Could be very inspiring.

picture-4.png      I will, however, point you to the honorable mentions. In a nice touch, Interwrite is acknowledging some very clever videos that didn’t make it into the top five in their age group but deserve a look. My local school district got best animation. Other categories include best boy band and TV theme parody. Lots of fun and lots of great ideas here. And lots of student thinking and writing about how technology impacts their learning and every day lives.



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