A Student Festival

marcoismf.jpg      One of my favorite conferences is the International Student Media Festival. And it’s not just because, like me, it has been around a long time. It is because it’s student based: workshops for students (and teachers and parents) and presentations of students’ work. I couldn’t make the trip out to Anaheim this year but I see my good friends Marco Torres and Frank Guttler were there to inspire and be inspired by the kids. There are plenty of categories and this year there were over 1100 submissions ranging from traditional slide presentation/stories (sequential and interactive stills) to photo essays, web sites, computer animations, and videos of all sorts. Unfortunately, you can’t see any of the student work online, but you can check each school’s winners and get a feel for the wide range of media used for delivery and the even wider range of artistic and subject matter communicated.

frankismf.jpg      After seeing Marco’s sense of style and hearing his call to action to improve their community and help shape their future as well as Frank’s insight into visual grammar and film as literature, attendees should have a bit more vision and technique to craft next year’s entries with.

Pictures courtesy of Frank Guttler.

boardingismf.jpg greenismf.jpg


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