Thankful for….

We’d love to know what our DEN members are ‘Thankful for…’ so we’ve created an activity whereby you will work on your SL skills and at the same time share the things you are thankful for.  From November 1st – 15th, we ask that you create a PowerPoint slide (saved as a .jpeg) depicting what you are thankful for.  Please make sure to include your name (SL and RL) somewhere on the slide.  Once your slide is created (and saved as a .jpeg) this is what you will do:

Uploading Images (this means PowerPoints as well!!! — as long as saved as .jpeg) to SL:

1.  Go into Second Life

2.  Click on ^File^

3.  Click on ^Upload Image (L$10)^ [note:  this will cost you L$10 to do but DEN in SL will reimburse you for this cost]

4.  Open your Inventory

5.  Look in your ^Textures^ folder

6.  Right click on your uploaded image

7.  Click on ^Rename^

8.  Rename your image “Thankful for…[your SL name]”  (This will help us to easily sort through the images we receive.)

9.  Click on ^Search^

10.  Type in Celestia Cazalet and click on ^Search^

11.  Scroll down to locate Celestia.

12.  Click on her name.

13.  In the window that appears you will see, near the bottom, ^Give Item^.

14.  Left click on your ‘Thankful for…” image in your Inventory and drag it into the area next to ^Give Item^ (and inside the box it says ^Drop inventory item here.^.

15.  That’s it!!!  You’ll receive a message (in a blue window on the top of your screen)that says ‘User not online.  Inventory has been saved.’

Remember to submit your slides NO LATER THAN November 15th.


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