Acknowledging Our Own

Every now and then, it is appropriate to acknowledge what our DEN members around Wisconsin are doing. For instance, this summer Rita Mortenson shared with us her trip to California as an Apple Distinguished Educator. We have many educators in the state doing amazing things for education and receiving awards for their efforts. If you have anyone that deserves such recognition, then let us know (in the comment section) and we can showcase them on the blog.

dbsmvid.jpgThis week, I would like to share a project that a colleague of mine (and DEN member) did with his physics classes. Dale Basler (who manages his own website at, instructed his physics classes to make stop-motion videos for a Halloween themed project. The videos had to show at least 2 seconds of constant acceleration (which would be analyzed with Vernier’s Logger Pro 3). His students edited their video clips with Windows Movie Maker, then uploaded them to He also used Jing to “provide students with screencasts that explained how to use Movie Maker and“.

You can check out what his students produced by visiting his website. [Link]


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