OMG….Long Post Overdue!!!

My Florida DEN colleagues and friends….My apologies for such a long delay in coming. With the changes in the web page it’s been a chore in getting access rights set up for Debbie and myself. I think we finally have this fixed. SO this is a GREAT thing. As i can start getting more and more updates out.  While I’m typing this up I’m on a webex call with Jannita and the other Florida Leadership Council Members. We’re working on hammering out a calendar of events over the next 6 months (or rest of the school year). News on that will come in the future. From what I’ve seen and talked about with the other LC members that we’ve got some pretty fun stuff up and coming.

FETC is around the corner…

I know I just sent in my registration information this week for FETC. We are right around 2 months away from the conference. Are you coming into Orlando? In looking at the conference agenda, this is the second straight year for a great keynote speaker. Last year was Bill Nye “The Science Guy”. This year they are bringing one of my favorite educational celebrities in Jeff Corwin (of Jeff Corwin Experience). If you didn’t know, you can get all of the Jeff Corwin Experience videos on Discovery Streaming (that took some getting used to after calling it unitedstreaming for so long!). Added to the agenda are sessions being given by Discovery’s Steve Dembo and “The” Hall Davidson.

I look forward to seeing you all hopefully there and continuing the conversation from here on the FL DEN Blog pulpit.


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