Translating at TRETC

To start, let me first translate TRETC…Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference. I just finished an opening presentation that I decided to try for the first time here in Western PA and before I forget I am posting it to the blog. The presentation is called: 404 n Transl8n or Lost in Translation. It’s about bilingual education and the new meaning of ESL. Open it up to see why the heck I presented it at an ed tech conference.

On other notes, it has been great to see our Leadership Council members from PA as the overall DEN presence here is strong. Probably has something to do with my love of the Steelers (I spend a lot of time recruiting DEN members in Pittsburgh during football season). Other than a fun, energized audience, my personal highlight of the keynote was that I was able to come through on a bet with my best friend who challenged me to wear my Steelers jersey during the keynote. The crowd liked it (except for the one Ravens fan).

Anyhow, what fun! Here is the presentation in case you want it…lost in translation.


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    Very cool, Lance! What a great take on ESL and language. I especially like and was wounded by the Seinfeld and Milli Vanilli mile stone. TTFN,

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Lance… I LOVE IT!!!! I can just hear all your jokes now… I only wish I had heard this delivered in person!

  3. Tom said:

    You da man. Very nice presentation. The ESL thing is a stretch. My 70 year old mother inlaw is a expert in pig latin. It what kids did 60 years ago to make themselves different. Very similar to im without the bits and bytes.


  4. Peggy Barger said:

    Never a dull moment with Lance!! The conference was awesome, beginning with today’s Keynote Speaker (“the” DEN man). Lance’s presentations are always fresh and innovative, and today was no exception. Thanks Lance!

  5. Kim Randall said:

    Hey Lance! This is great! Love that you used my student’s digestive system project from last year too. 🙂 🙂 Maybe I should start doing some trainings with Flash and video…hhhmmm….

  6. Bridget Belardi said:

    ty 4 the 411, Lance. Your presentation was engaging and funny. Loved it! I think the Steelers shirt was the main “selling point,” though! : ) ttyl!!

  7. Kristin Hokanson said:

    Gr8 job Lance. Wish I could’ve been there too! Super advice and links…many I will pass along. Looks like Dembo has a tough one to follow at PETE & C in Feb!!!!

  8. Traci Blazosky said:

    Nice job Lance! We were engaged and entertained! Loved the Steelers jersey too! Will definitely share your thoughts on the new meaning of ‘ESL’ with my colleagues!

  9. Kevin Conner said:

    Lance – As a member of the TRETC planning committee, I want to thank you for starting the entire day in a positive, thought-provoking way. I’ve always been proud of the quality level of the conference, and for the fact that nearly all of the presentations are made by classroom teachers.
    I blogged the sessions I went to, and was duly impressed that you had already blogged yourself when I posted my thoughts.
    Now, the REALLY gutsy move is to wear your Steelers jersey the next time you present in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland, Seattle, Philadelphia, … if you do, I’ll buy the first (_)3

  10. Jim Hopton said:

    I also had a great time, Lance. Using VoiceThread is cool. Also, thanks for the colorful unitedstreaming posters-I’ve plastered them all over my building.

  11. Rich Platts said:

    Thanks for the keynote at TRETC! You opened up a few more ideas in me, and I’m tracking down some of the resources you shared. Apparently my sister (14) has read TTYL, but I’m still trying to track down her copy!

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