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On October 24, 2007 I had the chance to attend a wonderful fundraising event. Animal Planet teamed up with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to host the Cheetah Conservation Fundraising Benefit. CCF is an internationally recognized center of excellence in research and education on cheetahs and their ecosystem. It was a very eye opening event for me. I didn’t realize that there are only about 10,000 cheetahs on earth. Through the DEN blog I was lucky enough to be one of two people to respond to the invitation. I sent and all call out to my staff and first grade teacher Sara Costa joined me as my guest. Sara is a huge fan of cheetahs was so excited to attend.

The event featured Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder & Director of CCF, Kago a Columbus Zoo Cheetah, wine, hors d’oeuvres and a silent auction. I think I personally saved a cheetah with the amount of items I won during the silent auction. Discovery/Animal Planet was well represented at the event. They donated several items for the silent auction, including a whole Meerkat gift basket and poster (I believe I even saw Meerkat soap).

The highlight of the evening of course was getting to see a real cheetah up close and personal. Kaigo had a previous engagement but Kago filled in. Kago is a cheetah ambassador and travels around the country to raise awareness. In fact Kago and his handlers were on the Hill earlier that day.

Please take a look at the slide show below, it was made with a great web 2.0 tool called Moonk. Thanks to VA DEN Chair Katie for sending it to me. Katie saw it used on the TN DEN Blog. You can choose a slide show, video or jukebox. Each comes with different skins.

Thanks to Scott Kinney and Discovery for another awesome opportunity. If you have a moment please check out the CCF site and read about their efforts. You can even help sponsor a cheetah that can no longer care for itself.


Get your own Moonk!

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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Heather~Glad to hear you had such a great time! I have to say that I am quite jealous of all of those up in your area that have such great opportunities like this! Maybe one day I will be able to get away and attend a premiere, too! BTW…thanks for the shoutout to our TN Blog! Glad you like Moonk…fun stuff. Teryl

  2. Heather Hurley - VA Blog Coord. said:

    Thanks Teryl, we are lucky to be so close.

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