CoolCatTeacher’s Best of the Web

Vicki Davis is more than just a teacher in Georgia, she’s truly a force of nature.  Blogger extraordinaire, award winning wiki collaborator, and upcoming EdTechConnect presenter.   A recent blog post of hers shares her Best of the Web, a collecting of her favorite blog engines, RSS readers, widgets, and tools from all over the wide world of the web.

Let’s just choose a random sample to share with you…  Any random sample at all… Wherever my mouse just happens to start highlighting…

Video for the Classroom – Of course, I’m one of the lucky ones who uses youtube in the classroom and do so at least twice a day. Nothing like video to pull them in! But, for longer videos and high quality teacher materials, nothing beats the united streaming service from Discovery Educators. This service has recently been provided for our teachers here and I’ve just finished training all of the teachers. From the word of a veteran teacher, “Finally a technology I can use.” The videos are searchable by topic, grade level, and include standards, teacher guides, and quizzes. If your library is wasting money on DVD’s, tell them to STOP and purchase united streaming. It is a must!

Ok, the bold was put in by me, but I gotta tell you, it’s such a good feeling when a third party says stuff like this.  I mean, I know how good tools like Streaming are.  My co-workers do.  But it’s always hard to believe someone wholeheartedly when their paycheck is related to the product.  So when someone like Vicki endorses it… well, it warms the heart!

If you aren’t familiar with Vicki (and even if you are), here are your two action items:

1) Go to and subscribe to her blog.   It’s one of the best out there.

2) Sign up for her upcoming EdTechConnect so you can hear her present LIVE via webinar.  I’ve seen her present before, and it’s not to be missed.