PLCs: Professional Development with a little TLC!

Have you hit your “hundred hours” yet?

Us Garden Staters are familiar with the NJ State DOE’s structure for professional development (PD), commonly known as “100 Hours”. Basically, all instructional staff in NJ must fullfill 100 hours of professional development in 5 years, or about 20 hours/year.

NJ is in the midst of a paradigm shift in regards to PD. Starting in January, educators will start to fullfill our PD requirements by participating in Professional Learning Communities, or PLCs. My initial thought: “IT’S ABOUT GOSH-DARN TIME!!!” My second thought: “Everyone in my district should become a DEN member!”

It’s a huge relief to see the state finally recognizing, in a formal way, the BENEFITS of COLLABORATIVE LEARNING- Something the DEN illustrates EVERY DAY!

Our district held an in-service a few days ago to introduce the concept of PLCs to our staff. First, we played a trivia game to highlight the need for ALL of us to look to others for help & inspiration (We “pitted” our teachers against our administrators! IT was a blast!) Here’s the ppt I shared after the game as an intro to PLCs.

Please share ideas on what your district is doing to facilitate collaborative professional development.

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