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gpb.pngThings we did at GaETC! We worked with the great resources from GPB (home to the equally great Patrice, Mike, and Katherine). We made media on the dark side with Photo Story, Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere Elements and incorporated GPB’s huge educational digital gaetc.pnglibrary. We also pulled clips and projects into iPods. And did a little thought leadership–all on the first day. Everything is below. Participants built digital stories from wildly randomphotostory.png pictures of pandas, beauty queens, and oil-soaked birds. They added narration, and music–and then we converted the files to put into my iPod. PS Don’t forget the great Photo Story tutorials at
Turns out Leslie Fisher was also showing off Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 at GaETC.. I told her the DEN tale of buying chromakey fabric atape.png Walmart before a training. “Walmart sells chromakey fabic?” she gasped. Hey, green is where you find it….Leslie also killed a hard drive as I watched. Ugh. During the “Thinking Bigger Session” I used my Gcast site to quiz the educators with Why is Winter Colder Than Summer? They called in their answer on their cellphones to the live website and then we assessed the answers. Go the site and see what they said. What would you have thinkingbigger.pngsaid? Most non-educators get this wrong. Hint: It in not because the earth is further from the sun. Bonus Hint: Why is December warmer than July in Buenos Aires? Next day we had the luxury of two sessions for Google Earth, a beginning session and a Part II for those that wanted more advanced application for the classroom. More resources are below. PartII showed some advanced tips on HTML in description boxes, including inserting webcams, photos, and media. Passed along Brad Fountain’s strategy for embedding videos into the box instead of watching through a separate browser. Below are the copy and paste masters and the PowerPoints (as pdf’s) from the GE sessions. We also connected via iChat with Jeromejerome.png Burg, creator of GoogleLit Trips, a site that truly bring Google Earth’s feature together in a way that segooglelittrip.pngrves education. I have never seen a better .kmz folder full of magic than GoogleLit’s literary mappings. (If only the audio had worked!) The next session is about to begin–a repeat for the Digital Video on the Dark Side. I’ll be back to post resources shortly. The Internet was slo—ow.
Back now and after setting up the Firefox ftp site, we finally got these big files up. Remember that these are big–30+pages in color, etc. Allow for some download time
iPod session: pdf of the PowerPoint presention This should be all you’ll need.
GoogleEarth sessions (Part I and II): pdf of the PowerPoint. It covers all the bases. Also, the word document for the HTML copy and pastes. The smart Georgia participants discovered the “Picture in the Description Box” code needs to img not imc. It’s fixed in the Word doc. Not sure I patched the PowerPoint. Finally, Brad Fountain’s handout (with copy and paste code) to get media to play in the description box. Not on Macs, remember 🙁 Here are some other kmz files to use for your cut and paste. FloatingHead, LookDown, and one from Jerome. Check it out! Remember, download these, then open from Google Earth. Then save onto your own desktop, then open in Word, etc. An don’t neglect the resources in the earlier post. And remember educators get Google Earth Pro free! Start the process by emailing Anna at Note: Just got an email from Carol. The Google Link wasn’t work, but it should work by 6 PM Eastern time Friday. Sorry about the glitch! (11/17 3 PM – Carol, it’s working now!)
Thinking Bigger session
, with all the data on kids and society: pdf of the PowerPoint.
If you have trouble with any of these, leave me a comment. We did some new things to get these big ol’ files up here and we want to know if they don’t work! We’ll fix it! I’ll post more of the kmz files we saw tomorrow. It’s getting late!   PS. Comments take some time to get through the filter. Please be patient.  It’s a bug not a feature..


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  1. Carol said:

    I attended your wonderful sessions at GaETC this week. I wanted to download the files that you Hall said we could get from the web site, but every one that is in pdf says that there is an error in the file and cannot be downloaded. I was so looking forward to having these files so I could use Google Earth with my classes. Please help.

  2. Heather said:

    I also attended the GaETC and remembered your mentioning a rock dating game (.PPT) that could be downloaded. I’ve Googled it, but can’t seem to turn it up. Can you point me in the direction of that download?

    Many thanks for your help here and for the wonderful resources and knowledge you shared in Atlanta!

  3. Karen Sensenbach said:

    I attended your session at the GATE conference in Anaheim last weekend. I am trying to download your word document for HTML copy and pastes, with no success. Please help.

  4. Greg said:

    Thank you for great presentations at this year’s CUE conference. I love to come hear your presentation just because of the great energy that you share. I hope that I can transfer some of that to our district’s classrooms.

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