ITEC Conference and DEN Membership Presenters

Are you presenting at ITEC? Let us know ….

Here are the people that we have heard from who are Discovery Educators and will be presenting this week:

  • Bette Nelson: Thursday at 3:25 in the Sangamon Room. Her
    presentation is on Meeting Illinois Science Standards in 4th Grade.
    Lauri VanDerVoorn: Friday morning – Her presentation is 709 Web LInks.
  • Joe Brennan: Makin’ Movies at 8:30 on Thursday and Guerrilla Graphics
    at 12:45 on Friday.
  • Roberta Thomas and Melanie Corn: Friday 10:35 – How Can I use a SMART
    Board? Springfield Room
  • Roberta Thomas: Thursday Google Earth
  • Melinda Ficus

There is also a Discovery Educator get together at 5:30 on Thursday. Stop by and hear Joe’s Mythbuster presentation as well as Lori braham’s Second Life information. You might just win a cool door prize also! The more the merrier!

Hope to see you in Springfield,

Melanie Corn

Illinois Leadership Chair


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    Good to see everybody from the Land of Lincoln and to have a chance to welcome Michael Bryant as our midwest DEN daddy. Thanks also to the Second Life members who attended virtually and raised the excitement level for the door prize drawing. Charlene Chausis added a new twist to “must be present to win.” If you’re enticed by some of those presentation titles you can find links to the handouts are buried down at the bottom of

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