Smart Pen Looks Awesome!

On a recent Twitter, Bernie Dodge pointed his followers to a link for the new Smart Pen from LiveScribe.  This is the new MUST HAVE present for Christmas.  OK, maybe it is the new STAR DEN Give-Away from Discovery!

I could write a lot about it, but why? See pictures here.  Watch this amazing video about the pen here.

Maybe I could take a lesson from Steve Dembo and set up a ChipIn account for those reading this blog to contribute so I can buy one myself.  They sell for under $200 and will be available in 74 days.

Let me know what you think about this new cool tool.


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  1. admin said:

    WOW. I’m not sure what more I can say about that. WOW. That’s pretty darn amazing.

  2. Sonja Phillips said:

    OMGosh!!! How awesome is this!?!??!

    I can see soooo many applications for this – both as a student and teacher/professional!

    Think how cool this would be for kids with disabilities?

    Or a teacher could record their voice with some notes and upload to a blog/wiki/whatever.


    Yo! Santa!!! Over here!!

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