Sony Cyberbullying Contest


Here’s a contest that started in mid-September and I just got wind of. Sony Creative is inviting both independent producers and school groups to create a PSA (public service announcement) about cyberbullying. The grand prize for students is studio equipment worth almost $26,000. You have until January 11, 2008 to get your act together and submit your video. If you don’t get one in by then, I’m coming over there and taking your lunch money!

And speaking of bullying, I hope you don’t think all this mentioning of contests is an attempt by me to browbeat you into joining one. That would be nice, but the “competition” can be really intimidating if you’re just getting started and/or have limited resources and time. My real ulterior motive is to browbeat you into becoming a thief. Please help yourself to these great competition/festival ideas for classroom and intramural movie making. They are all pretty well thought out and based on current or very creative topics. You really can’t go far wrong adapting them to your age group and subject matter.


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