Workshops at Lighthouse Learning Island

Beth Kohnke (RL- Beth Knittle) and JuliaAnn Mills (RL- Julia Colby), who are members of the DEN is Second Life also are part of Lighthouse Learning Island.  They will be hosting a few learning opportunities on Second Life in the next couple of months. These sessions are open to all educators in Second Life. We will meet at the Lighthouse Learning Island Teleport hub, near the calendar at the Lighthouse. Please IM Beth Kohnke or JuliaAnn Mills in Second Life if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Getting Around in Second Life
In this session we will tour various educational venues, as well as, some places of interest. We will learn how to make landmarks so you can easily return for further exploration. We will teleport, use the map, and search tools to help us get around in SL.

Friday November 16 4 pm SLT, 7pm Eastern
Repeat on Saturday November 17 4 pm SLT, 7pm Eastern

Organization is Everything
You will quickly find that your inventory can become very unorganized and it can slow you down. In this hands on learning session we will help you clean out and organize your inventory. We will learn to make folders and rename items for easy retrieval.

Friday November 30 4 pm SLT, 7pm Eastern
Repeat on Saturday December 1 4 pm SLT, 7pm Eastern

Presenting in SL
We are members of a global network of educators and it is time we begin to share our expertise and experiences with others. In this learning experience we will look at the basics of how to present in SL and some of the options and tools to aid in presenting. We will also discuss how to find a venue to host a presentation and ways to advertise.

Friday December 14 4 pm SLT, 7pm Eastern
Repeat on Saturday December 15 4 pm SLT, 7pm Eastern


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  1. Patricia Hawkenson said:

    I am very interested in presenting in SL. If I don’t show up for the Dec. 14th event, try to connect with me by leaving a comment on my DEN blog. ~PathBack

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